Pass Plus with Tony

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I completed my training course and exams in professional driving instruction in March 2003 after which I joined a well-known national driving school. After 3½ years of teaching in Oxfordshire and the surrounding areas, my family and I re-located to Penysarn near Amlwch. I had a good working knowledge of Anglesey and Bangor as I had spent my childhood living in Brynteg near Benllech. In 2008, I decided to become an independent instructor using the name APS Driving School. I am currently teaching in a manual grey Ford Focus 1.5 Petrol car.

I have taught pupils of all ages (between 17 and 77) and firmly believe that each and every person has a capability for learning to drive. Each person is unique and the number of lessons required can vary considerably. I pride myself on ensuring that all my lessons are suited to each pupil's individual needs whilst taking into consideration all learning abilities and styles.

Please note that I also offer refresher lessons to those who already hold a full UK driving license. These lessons are ideal for those who would like to update their skills and/or who haven't driven for a long time and would like to re-build their confidence.

Tony :)