Pass Plus with Tony

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I started to learn to drive around 4 years ago with another driving instructor in the North East Wales area but stopped them when I started University. When I moved over to Anglesey, I decided to start them up again and chose Tony Stephens as he lived the nearest to me. From the beginning to the end Tony has been fantastic! He's calming, patient and always explains clearly how to improve on something if you didn't quite do it correctly the first time round. Instead of giving you the answers, Tony will ask you questions first and prompt you for the answers to see how much you already know. This is a really good way of learning and remembering key information. Tony is always very friendly and we've had many a good conversation (and often a good laugh) together. Thanks to Tony, I have finally been able to pass my test on my second attempt and gain some independence and hopefully improve my job prospects. Thank you Tony.

Charlotte (August 13)